When the Polynesians arrived in Hawaii fifteen hundred years ago, they sensed the nearness of gods and godesses in the mist-shrouded volcanoes, the Tropical rain forests thriving with more than ten thousand species of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. Later traders and adventurers would cut short thier intended journeys and abandon themselves as children to this garden paradise, to play on perfevt sands and breathe the indescribable air that is a balm to the spirits.

Today on the "Big island" or "Orchid Isle" of Hawaii you can safely see how the active Kilauea volcano is still adding to the islands size. Here, you'll find exceptional deep sea fishing, extraordinary landscapes and vistas incredible hiking trails, and more historic sites than on any other island. The resorts here rise from lava fields or sit on white sandy beaches.


The Big Island of Hawaii




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