Acapulco.. playground of the Pacific. The fun never stops in Acapulco, where you can literally dance the night away. Acapulco's beautiful natural bay is the focal point of much of the activity in this world-class resort area, but there is much to see and do throughout the city. There are a variety of golden and white sand beaches, each with its unique character and appeal. You can enjoy everything from sun bathing to sportfishing to parasailing to catamaran cruises to snorkeling to windsurfing. A visit to this tropical playground should include a stop at the world famous LaQuebrada, where divers plunge 136 feet off of the rugged cliffs into a perilous, narrow cove. At night, this is especially spectacular.

Take a fascinating trip to San Diego Fort, which was built in 1617 to defend the port city from pirates. The Fort now houses the Acapulco Historical Museum, where you'll find relics of the long history of trade the city had with the Orient.

Enjoy golf, tennis, horseback riding, bullfights and, of course, the shopping is abundant throughout Acapulco. And, when it comes to eating, you'll find cafes and restaurants throughout the area to meet any taste, traditional Mexican dishes, continental cuisine, seafood, American-style fast food and much more.
Acapulco is a vibrant, world-class resort that also provides tranquility to those who desire a slower pace.


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